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Seasoned IP Lawyers announce restructuring, a new partnership, Chumak & Company LLP

Toronto, ONYuri Chumak announces a restructuring of his law practice and a new partnership called Chumak & Company LLP,  with partner Peter Elyjiw.

The new partnership builds upon earlier successes and recognition from publications such as Canadian Lawyer, Martindale-Hubbell, and Acquisition International, including a ranking among the Top 10 IP Boutique Law Firms in Canada (Canadian Lawyer).

Chumak & Company LLP offers patent and trademark services, as well as IP litigation, transactional support, and advisory services on technology matters.

Of the new partnership, Mr. Elyjiw says, “Our tagline ‘Inspiration Partners’ speaks to our vision of partnering with clients to help them achieve their innovation goals. I am pleased to be partnering with Yuri. His depth of experience in many areas of IP law, wide international network, and strong business sense are key assets of our firm.” 
Mr. Chumak adds, “We are a law firm of the future, leveraging new technologies and communication methods. For example, our state-of-the-art case management system uses secure cloud computing technologies, we file IP applications with government agencies electronically, and our new client intake process is electronic and mobile-friendly. I am fortunate to be colleagues with Peter, a highly respected lawyer whom I have known for many years. Peter is a specialist in mechanical and computer-related patents. We speak the same language, given our shared backgrounds in computer science and computer engineering.”

Chumak & Company LLP offers an overview on the new changes to Canada’s IP Laws available at:, and maintains a popular email list, which is open to new subscribers.

About Chumak & Company LLP

Chumak & Company LLP is the new intellectual property partnership of Yuri Chumak and Peter Elyjiw, who between them have more than 30 years of experience at large business law firms and specialized intellectual property law firms. The firm’s offices are in downtown Toronto.
Operating a paperless office, Chumak & Company LLP maintains its commitment to environmentally friendly business practices.
For more information, please visit or @chumakcompany on Twitter. 


To learn more about this announcement, please contact:
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