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Due Diligence

IP is the backbone of many businesses, and therefore can significantly contribute to the valuation of a business for investment or sale purposes. Our experience in conducting IP due diligence can assist your business whether it is a buyer or seller, investor or investee. We can also advise you on how to properly record the use of your business' intellectual property so your business has the documentation it needs for a future investment or sale.



Due Diligence Review & TRANSACTIONS


Intellectual property due diligence refers to the review of intellectual property assets in support of a transaction such as a purchase and sale of a business or business assets. 

The information under review typically includes:

  • A list of  all intellectual property assets including websites and social media properties.
  • Copies of all agreements relating to the sharing and ownership of intellectual property.
  • Details of any intellectual property assertions, claims or lawsuits or threatened lawsuits.
  • Copies of all judicial decisions affecting the company's intellectual property assets.
  • A list of all software and other IT used internally, and details regarding the privacy and data security of customer data.
  • For software companies, all software development and related agreements, controls and procedures.

To become a Due Diligence Review client, please contact:

Yuri Chumak